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Amazing offer at restaurants, spas, gyms, movies, hotels and more around you. Yes that’s what Nearbuyhas to offer. If you are looking for any of the options to hangout with friends on the weekend or a week day with huge discounts, explore you have great options nearby you offer by Enjoy it!. You can be surely an envy for others while enjoying the best food, at huge discounted rates by buying coupons online on, and proud in front of your family members.
#Nearbuy formerly known as Groupon is leading coupon website offering discounted coupons.

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About nearbuy

India is a nation that is so vibrant and diverse that every state exhibits a different type of people with their different culture, tradition, a way of life, language and cuisine. As the region changes you will experience different food at different place. Now in all India you can enjoy food you like from your region in Pan-India. Nearbuy is a pan-India online marketplace platform that allows customers to connect with local merchants and engage with each other across 33 cities in India. As a business, it allows customers to Discover, Buy and Save on these local merchants and enjoy every day deals.

operates in given Services Retail market in India, comprising-
Food & Beverage
Beauty & Wellness
Movies & Events
Things to do
#Nearbuy offers this all services in 33 cities that we can enjoy with our family, friends.

Nearbuy the leading coupon web site in india is offering fantastic coupons under its biggest category of food and beverages. Its becoming simpler for user to enjoy fine dine experiences by using coupons from #Nearbuy. 3 easy steps EXPLORE (Amazing options at restaurants, spas, gyms, movies, hotels and more around us), BUY (Easily and securely, using credit/debit cards, net-banking or wallets) and ENJOY (The service by simply showing your voucher on the nearbuy app). The best coupons are offering as much as 40% off on the fine dine experiences. Of Course there are other categories as well, and with some star grade properties you can as well buy some coupons on Spa and Salon category and enjoy ur post meal leisure time there. Think and then buy the coupon, you can reap more benifits on

Amazing offers available on nearbuy

Nearbuy helps you discover the best things to do like eat and buy – wherever you are across India! Make every day awesome with #nearbuy deals. Dine at the finest restaurants, relax at the best spas, pamper yourself with exciting wellness and shopping options or just explore your city intimately with your friends and family… You will always find a lot more to do with #nearbuy. From tattoo parlors to music concerts, weekend getaways to international vacations, movie tickets to theme parks, hotel offers to five star meals, everything you want is now within reach. Don’t stop yet! Take it wherever you go with the #nearbuy mobile app.

Based on your location and preference, our smart search engine will suggest new things to explore every time you open the app. What’s more, with options on everything around you.. you are sure to try something new every time and you will enjoy and feel very happy.

This all offer are available in category like Activities, Cash deal, Food and drinks, Beauty and salon, Gym and Fitness, Movies and events etc. We can filter this all offer by price, popularity and New.

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Nearbuy offers all type of deals on merchants nearby us on daily basis. We have just need to install #nearbuy app in our mobile. It available for Android and Apple mobiles respectively on google play store and on iTune. After downloading it we have to sign in on that app and with the help of GPS system it locate our location. Now we are ready to find all great deals nearby us on food, movies, hotels, spa centers.
Enjoy nearbuy!…..

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